East Midlands Youth Championships

Frisby Fencers had 5 fencers at the East Midlands Youth Championships held at Mansfield on November 9th. We had a very successful day winning two Golds and One Silver. The Golds were won by Niamh Noble (Under 13 Girls’ Epee) and William Atkinson (Under 9 Boys’ Epee). Fin Noble won Silver in the Under 9 Epee. Kathryn Walkden took part in the Under 13 Girls’ Epee and Joseph Atkinson fenced in the Under 9 Boys’ Epee, both fenced really well. All the fencers were a credit to the club

Niamh Noble (Under 13 Girls' Epee) and William Atkinson (Under 9 Boys' Epee). Fin Noble

Niamh Noble (Under 13 Girls’ Epee) and William Atkinson (Under 9 Boys’ Epee). Fin Noble

Under 13 Girls The Boys

Owen Jordan ends the Domestic Season as the number 1 ranked Cadet and is selected to go to the World Championships

He has just received confirmation that he has been selected to represent Great Britain at the Cadet World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria from the 3-12th of April. He is part of a three man team. He has finished the domestic season as the number 1 ranked GB under 17 fencer with 13,377 points, a year younger than the second and third placed fencers. At the weekend he finished 7th out of 60, the highest placed East Midlands fencer, in the Cadet (u17) British Championships. He lost 15-14 to the eventual winner. On the Sunday he competed in the Junior (u20) Championships and finished 14th out of 57, again the highest placed fencer from our Region. He lost 13-11 on time to an experienced fencer from Brixton who finished 5th. This shows great progress as has another year at Cadet and 4 more years as a Junior.

Owen Jordan selected to go to the European Championships

Owen Jordan has been selected to represent Great Britain at the European Cadet (U17) Championships in Jerusalem (23/02 – 27/02/2014). Owen is part of a 4 man squad going to the tournament. He has had an outstanding year both in the British Selection Circuit, where he won Gold and Silver at two of the events (Gateshead and Lancashire). These great performances meant that he was selected as part of the GB team to all 3 of the International events over the last couple of months. He fenced in the Cadet Men’s Epee International Competitions in Bonn, Copenhagen and Bratislava this winter. In Copenhagen he finished 11th out of 129, the highest ranked fencer from Great Britain at this event, and this last weekend he came 41st out of 268 in a very tough competition in Bratislava, losing 15-12 to one of the top 5 Hungarian fencers. He is a remarkable young fencer who not only competes at a high level, usually against fencers older than himself, but is an inspiration to our younger fencers. His standard of fencing and results meant that he was selected to fence in the Helsinki Men’s Epee (Under 20) this year for GB, but he chose to wait until he was older; he’s still just 15. We could not be more proud of him. 

Success at the London Leon Paul

On Saturday February 1st two young members of Frisby Fencers traveled down to London to compete in the London Leon Paul Junior Series event. This is a series of competitions that were created to introduce young fencers to competitive fencing and virtually all of the successful Great British international fencers started here. It was held at the new Leon Paul Fencing Centre; this is a purpose built fencing salle with state of the art competition pistes and scoring equipment – an experience in itself, just to fence there.

Finlay (10) and Niamh (12) Noble entered the Boys’ Under 11 Epee and the Girls Under 13 Epee. After two rounds of poules Finlay was ranked 3rd out of 15, winning 5 of his matches and only losing by 1 or 2 points in the other 3. He won his first Direct Elimination 10-3 against Archie Mount from Haverstock (a very well renowned club from London). His second DE victory was 10-7 against Muhammed Farnsworth from Dream. In the Semi Final he fenced Theo Cheshire from City of London Fencing Club and in a tight match lost 10-7. All of the other fencers except one were from London clubs. His superb fencing meant that he won a Bronze medal! His sister Niamh was ranked 8th out of 19 after the poules and went on to finish 12th, after losing a very close fight 10-8 to Maisie McCormack. They both fenced superbly and were a credit to the club. We are very proud of both of them!

Melton Times Article

If you would like to read a good write up on the East Midlands Youth Championship there is a nice article in the Melton Times (below is an extract):

Frisby Fencers sent five youngsters to compete in two categories at the East Midlands Youth Championships, held at The Samworth Church Academy, in Mansfield.

Niamh Noble and Kathryn Walkden entered the girls’ under 13s epee, while William Atkinson, Joseph Atkinson and Finlay Noble all took part in the under 9s boys’ epee.

Congratulations to all those that took part you make the club very proud.

Congratulations Owen, Topping UK Cadet…Next the WORLD!

Congratulations to Owen Jordan who won Gold at the Gateshead British Selection Circuit combined Under 20 (Junior) and Under 17 (Cadet) Event on Sunday 20th October at Gateshead Leisure Centre, Gateshead. Owen was simply ‘awesome’ on the day beating several GB (U20) Internationals to win the final against Paul Sanchez Lethem (ranked 3 in the GB U20 rankings). There were 62 fencers competing on the day drawn from clubs across the country. If you bear in mind that Owen has only recently turned 15 it was a fantastic result; many of the fencers were 4 years older than him. (Results from Gateshead http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/me_bsc_2013.htm )

The result means that Owen [above] is now solidly in place as the GB number 1 at Cadet (U17) level and has moved into 7th place in the GB Junior (U20) rankings. He has 4,416 points compared to the second place fencer who has 2,956. (you can find the table here http://francisfencing.org.uk/men/)

As a result of this win Owen has now been chosen to fence for the GB (U17) team in Bonn, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark. Owen is now the second Frisby Fencer to be chosen to fence for GB in recent years with Frisby’s Matt Bolton [picture below] fencing for GB at Cadet and Junior level in several Internationals held throughout last season. Matt fenced in Bonn, Copenhagen, Bratislava (under 17) and Helsinki and Gothenburg (Under 20). Over the last few years Frisby has helped several fencers to represent England at Under 15 level in European events; a fencer representing New Zealand at the Athens Olympics 2004 and a World, European and Commonwealth Veteran Champion. Not bad for a village club in Leicestershire.

For further interest the Melton Time Article can be found here.

Congratulations Owen

Owen came 2nd today at the BSC Lancashire Epee. This is a ranking competition for selection into the GB Cadet (U17) International Team. Owen is now second in the  National rankings after a great performance in the BSC Bromsgrove event on September 1st. This was a combined Junior (U20) and Cadet (U17) qualifier, he was 9th in that competition. He should be selected now for the team if he can prove he has a sufficient level of fitness. This will involve a trip to London to British Fencing HQ.

All very proud. He has only just turned 15!

East MIdlands Championships

The 2013 East Midlands Championships, to be held at The Samworth Church Academy, Sherwood Hall Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 2DY on 9th November 2013.
Further details can be found on the regions website ( http://www.emfencing.com/ ) or the FaceBook event ( https://www.facebook.com/events/293438234132774/ )
The entry form can be downloaded in either Word and PDF formats from the bottom of this post.
Please note we have amended the age categories to: =<9, U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 (Boys & Girls competitions for all ages and all 3 weapons) to mimic the EYC competition. However, please also note that we are unable to accept multiple weapon entries for fencers due time limitations on the day.
Help Is still required on the day, specifically referee’s/presidents, if you (or anyone in your club) can help us on the day please contact barry.holliday@googlemail.com

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